Tuesday , March 21 2023

Privacy Policy

247jobseeker.net recognises and respects the importance of your privacy, and works hard to make sure it is protected while you browse our website. We have stringent policies in place to ensure that user data is never used without consent. As a result, our user data is only collected with explicit consent from the person who submitted the data. We never sell or share user data without the consent of the individual submitting it. And finally, we regularly audit our systems to make sure that user data remains secure. We use a variety of security measures to keep your information safe, including firewalls, encryption, and cookies. We also have a strict policy against hacking or any unauthorized access to our site. Prior to using our services, it is important that you familiarize yourself with our policies and our privacy statement. By reading carefully, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use our services.

Which kind of information does this site collect from its regular site users?

To make sure that the website functions as intended, it is important to collect information from regular visitors. Several ways are used to collect this information, including contact us form and data collection tools such as cookies. We also collect this information in a variety of ways, such as through cookies and web beacons. This information provides insight into visitors’ behavior on the site and gives us the opportunity to improve the site.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors?

We use the personal data of our visitors on our site in a variety of ways such as answering the queries they have, providing them with job offers that they may find useful & relevant, and analyzing how their patterns of site usage are. We believe that by doing this we are able to provide a better experience for our visitors and at the same time we are able to improve the usability and functionality of the site. It is our policy to collect only data that is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, and we do not sell or rent this information to third parties.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers?

We protect the personal information of our users by encrypting their data during transmission and as it is stored, and by taking steps to safeguard that data from unauthorized access. We work to ensure that our users have the opportunity to review and update the information we collect about them. We have a contact form where they can easily get in touch with us. We also review and update our privacy policy regularly to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our users.

Do we like to use cookies?

We use cookies on our job website to help us provide a better experience. Cookies allow us to gather information about your preferences, track your movements around the site, and allow us to offer you the best browsing experience possible. They also help us to improve our site by gathering data about how people are using it. We only use cookies that are essential for the operation of our website. If you prefer not to have cookies enabled, you can change your browser settings to block all cookies or only allow certain types of cookies.

Third-Party Disclosure:

Our website’s Third Party Disclosure states that we strictly do not sell your data to any third party. Please remember that we only use the information that you have voluntarily provided to us, and we will never give any of your personal information to a third party without your permission. In addition, we use encrypted methods of transmitting your information, and your data will never be stored in any unencrypted location on our servers. We value your privacy, and your information is never shared or sold without your consent.

Third-Party Links:

On our job site, we offer many redirect links to official sources of thousands of companies. However, some of these links may be from websites that offer misleading or fake jobs. We are not responsible for the content or accuracy of these websites, and cannot vouch for their credibility. Many of these websites operate as central hubs for malware and other viruses, and as such, should be avoided at all costs. If you are interested in pursuing a career in a specific field, it is important to do your research to ensure that the website you are visiting is legitimate.

Google Conditions:

When it comes to job searching, it’s important to have a website that looks professional and meets all the guidelines and conditions provided by Google. Our website made sure to do just that, with a modern design and user-friendly navigation. We also make sure to include all the necessary information, such as our company’s about and contact information. We are also providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

CaIOPPA Policies:

Our job website is designed to comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA requires websites that collect personal information from visitors to notify visitors before they send any information that could be considered personal. Our website notifies visitors by displaying a notice before they submit any personal information. We also keep track of the data we collect and use it only for the purposes for which we collected it.

Update Policy:

Our website policy makes it clear that we can update or change any of our policies whenever we want without any advance notification. This includes the policies related to the content on our site. Therefore, it is important for visitors to be aware of these policies so that they know what to expect. We reserve the right to make changes at any time, without prior notice, and we encourage everyone who uses our site to review our updated policies frequently.


We understand that you may not want to share your personal information with us, so we have made it easy for you to read and understand our privacy policies. By reading this, you agree to allow us to collect and use your personal information as described in this policy.


If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please make sure to Contact Us.